Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Famous Evens In Ramadan

Laylat al-Qadr is observed during one of the last ten odd numbered days of the month. Muslims believe that this night which is also known as The Night of Power is better than a thousand months. This is often interpreted as praying throughout this night is rewarded equally with praying for a thousand months (just over 83 years i.e. a lifetime). Many Muslims spend the entire night in prayer.

02 Ramadan, the Torah was bestowed on Moses. (According to Shi'a Islam)
10 Ramadan, death of Khadija – first wife of Muhammad
12 Ramadan, the Injeel was bestowed on Jesus. (According to Shi'a Islam)
15 Ramadan, birth of Hasan ibn Ali
17 Ramadan, the Battle of Badr was won by the Muslims.
18 Ramadan, the Psalms were bestowed on David. (According to Shi'a Islam)
19 Ramadan, Ali bin Abi Talib was struck on the head by a sword.
21 Ramadan, Ali bin Abi Talib died due to injuries he sustained by a sword.

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  1. Malam lailatul Qodr, SubhanAllah ummie, kita seperti mendapatkan umur tambahan 83 tahunn....

    Semoga bulan ramadhan tahun ini, membawa perubahan y ummie..
    Selamat menunaikan Ibadah shaum di hari pertama ini..