Saturday, February 4, 2012

Google Url Shortener Works Fast, make this shorter with Google Url Shortener : Just log in to Gmail or blogspot then visit, now check your Google Account. Google Url Shortener will be listed in Your products.

Credit : Google Social Web Blog 

Every time I want to shorten my long url, I just visit my Google Account. There will be a list of some URLs I have shortened. Want to know more, just click the "detail" link.

As stated on Google Social Web Blog :
"There are many shorteners out there with great features, so some people may wonder whether the world really needs yet another. As we said late last year, we built with a focus on quality. With, every time you shorten a URL, you know it will work, it will work fast, and it will keep working. You also know that when you click a shortened URL, you’re protected against malware, phishing and spam using the same industry-leading technology we use in search and other products. Since our initial release, we’ve continued to invest in the core quality of the service:

Stability: We’ve had near 100% uptime since our initial launch, and we’ve worked behind the scenes to make even stabler and more robust.

Security: We’ve added automatic spam detection based on the same type of filtering technology we use in Gmail.

Speed: We’ve more than doubled our speed in just over nine months."


  1. Waaaah hebat nih sob,,, template nya pas banget buat GA...........

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    1. thanks mas Falah, saya juga suka template mas Falah simple.