Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fatih Syuhud Master of Indonesian Bloggers

It isn’t easy to get rank 5 of our blog. But if we want to know whose blog get that rank? See this:

It’s Fatih Syuhud’s blog. Don’t ask how does his blog get that rank, but visit it.. we’ll find the answer.

When the first time I know the world of blogs, I visited his blog. I got many knowledges from him. He always remind us with his famous statement:

“I'd love to see many more Indonesian bloggers blog in English, the most-widely-understood world language. So that the world knows and understands more about Indonesia by reading anything written by Blogger Indonesia. Don't let your voice echoes only in your backyard. "In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principles, stand like a rock."

That's way, in this blog I do my best to post in english although my English isn’t good enough. Whoelse can make Indonesian bloggers be proud of except ourself as Indonesians.

I find something strange when Indonesian bloggers visit English blogs. They are too lazy to make any comments. I don’t know the reasons why but as far as I know they feel lazy to translate the posting even there is “Google Translate in the blog” or maybe the posting of the blog is too long or there are some difficult words that are not familiar with the readers.

This is our homework to make Indonesian bloggers socialize blog in English, so our voices can be heard by the people around the world.


  1. I think Fatih Suhud's statement is true. But it's not enough for many of us to express our emotion in English. For example is ...me !! :)

  2. Wow... I can sense your effort in wanting to help some of your indonesian friends to make useful of the English Language. Whatever you've wrote above are all true. English language was known by all of the universe in this world. Keep up the istiqamah going sis. Insya-ALLAH with HIS help, everything will go fine and smooth. And your written English isn't that bad anyway. Just need to brush up a little bit more! Even I'm from Singaporean doesn't speak eloquent English. But Singlish. Hehe. But practise makes perfect though. Hope you do believe in that. (=

  3. Thanks mba Reni. For Indonesians who live abroad it doesn't matter, I think. But for most of Indonesians who live in this country, they should
    practise what they got from school.
    Like or dislike, english is still used by people around the world. Thanks sister Musleemah. I hope our sisterhood is forever. Insya Allah.

  4. If fatih suhud is the master, why he's PR just 5??? Not 7? I think he just another blogger.
    But I love him anyway. Peace Brother!

  5. Yes, Iam agree. Fatih Syuhud is a Master blogger. But he is not only one. Many more master blogger out there