Monday, February 9, 2009

Why O-om Dot Com Need tobe Visited

This action is very very helpful for junior bloggers.

Why? Because it contains tips or blog tutorial. How to modify our blog more beautiful and more interesting. How to make our blog get better traffic also it offers some friendly blogger templates.

You’ll find this blog template is very simple but the contents are high quality cause the owner has proved that many bloggers recommend this blog.

Some successful Indonesian Bloggers recommend him are Kang Rohman, Fatih Syuhud, Nias Zaluku, Kendhin and many others.

Many Indonesian and Worldwide Bloggers know him—Agus Ramadhani, the owner of the blog—as a low profile bloger. Even his blog visited many visitors, he spends his time to answer all the questions asked him.

Well, there is something very important for all bloggers to visit this blog. Agus Ramadhani gives two free e-books. The e-books contain two important things. The first, how to promote our blog and the second, step by step blogspot custom domain. But these e-books are in Indonesian. If we are lucky have these, we’ll realize that how usefull the e-books are.