Friday, July 23, 2010

Background Blog Repeat No Repeat With Image

Here are two background codes  usually use in blogs. The difference is the first one, the image background moves when scrolled up and down. Of course this will make our eyes feel dizzy. And the second one is, the image background doesn't move when scrolled up or down. This is up to us which one is our choice.

CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions, Second Edition
First code :
background: #674ea7 url(http://image background) repeat scroll top center

Second code :

body {background: #000;background-image:url(http://image background);background-repeat:repeat;

For more details about CSS Background visit w3schools


  1. tipsnya ...boleh di coba lagi

  2. wah dari w3scholls y ummie..
    situs yg bagus, ada langsung java box buat generate code, jadi bisa langsung practice.

    Tapi aku msih seneng kyaknya sma background bawaan template. heheh

    Ummi makasih udah maen k Blog aku,
    klo mau tukeran link gmana y ummie??
    Aku dah taro link ummie d Blogroll aku. Hhhee

    Best Regards,
    Tito's Weblog