Saturday, August 14, 2010

Abu Bakr As Siddeeq First Person Into Islam

Abu Bakr As Siddeeq was the first person to heed Prophet Muhammad’s message and enter into Islam.  When he heard Prophet Mohammad say that there was nothing worthy of worship but God and that he (Muhammad) was the messenger of God, Abu Bakr accepted Islam without any reservations.  For everybody else who comes to Islam or rekindles lost faith, there is an obstacle, a moment of hesitation, but not for Abu Bakr.  The sweetness of faith entered his heart and the one known as the truthful, recognised the truth.
In the early days when the message was first revealed, Prophet Muhammad called the people around him to Islam in secret.  Prophet Muhammad knew that his message would shock and dismay the Meccans who were deeply entrenched in ignorance.  He wanted to build a band of followers who would slowly deliver the message, spreading out in ever-increasing circles.  When there were 38 Muslims, Abu Bakr went to his beloved friend Prophet Muhammad and said he wanted to proclaim the message in public.
Prophet Muhammad refused, thinking the numbers to small to risk exposure.  Abu Bakr insisted and kept mentioning this to his companion.  When Prophet Muhammad was ordered by God to make his message public, he and Abu Bakr made their way to the Kaaba (the house of God in the centre of Mecca).  Abu Bakr stood up and proclaimed in a loud voice, “There is none worthy of worship but God, and Muhammad is his slave and messenger”.  Abu Bakr was the first public speaker for Islam.

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