Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Second Payment From Selling Spy Watch Online

Few days ago, my friend phoned me that he wanted to transfer money to me for amount of spy watch I could sell. I didn't think that he would do it. This is still in the middle of the month. He usually gave me money at the end of the month as my first money he sent to me.

I knew him from my husband. My husband told me that his friend has a watch shop and he wanted me to help him sell his products. I said, "ok, I will do it." Then I got some samples of spy watch with some models and types. He gave me the price list and asked me to make reasearch by googling looked for as much as information about spy watch that sell on line.

After that I couldn make a conclusion what kind of models or types I could promote and the lowest and highest price should I decide.

When we finished with that all technical problem, I made a blog, as usual I loved I didn't have to use TLD ( Top Level Domain ) for this. I made a blog, I posted some articles about spy watch and the contact person directly to my friend's number. Done! I made it.

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